Flourish Through Postpartum.

A multi-faceted approach for supporting parents with babies (0-24 months): Support Groups, Private Coaching & Energy Work

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Supporting New Parents in San Diego and Across the U.S.!

In-Person & Virtual Support

Supporting our new parents with support groups twice a week, in 3 different areas of San Diego. Postpartum Coaching and Energy Work is offered throughout the U.S. and Energy Work for anyone around the world!

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Transform the start of your parenting journey

Enhance Your Postpartum with Support, Connection, and Understanding!

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Support Groups

Peer-led support groups are one of the four pillars of support during the first two years of your postpartum period

Postpartum Support

Private Coaching

Create your dream postpartum, squash limited beliefs, be more optimistic, get new ideas & insights, feel more confident, balance responsibilities with ease, learn to set boundaries, whole-hearted support!


Energy Work

Improve mood, improved relationships, release guilt, release emotional baggage, help to create boundaries, reduce stress, better sleep, lower anxiety, reduce pain, relaxation

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Postpartum Coaching
We Helping you through your Parenting journey

Meet J. Kontos, M.S. Counseling

Meet your New Parent Support Group leader, your Private Postpartum Coach & Energy Healer

J Kontos Postpartum Coach

J. Kontos, M.S. Counseling

J is passionate about helping new parents flourish through postpartum. She was called to support new parents and founded in-person new parent support groups in four different locations in San Diego and North County when there were no in-person support groups in San Diego. Learn more about her...

Transforming Postpartum

Read about others experiences attending our New Parent Support Group, Private Postpartum Coaching, and Energy Work

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New Parent Support Group
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