J (short for Julianne) holds a Masters in Counseling, is a academic/personal/career counselor in her other career. She has worked with postpartum parents since 2019 prior to the birth of her second child. She is a social justice advocate and as such, frequently attends trainings in this field. She is passionate about working with Caregivers who are single parents, queer couples, trans individuals, polyamorous or poly, or gender non-conforming. She has a background working with individuals in 12-step groups and maintains a very spiritual practice. J brings with her a variety of guided healing meditations that help clear emotional pain/disconnection that one wishes to elevate. She has followed compassionate/mindful parenting since the birth of her niece in 2010.

J (she/her/hers OR they/them/theirs) is passionate about the postpartum period as it can be a roller coaster of highs and lows as one adjusts to being a caregiver. This is a special, but vulnerable time. It’s an adjustment for all members of the family and each one is relearning their new roles.

J’s passion for postpartum work is drawn from her two challenging postpartum periods following the births of her children and overcoming those periods with a team of support. Her first birth was traumatic causing her to develop perinatal post-traumatic stress disorder and she overcame it through healing guided energetic meditations. These meditations are what she uses as a tool to support new caregivers.