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✔ Feel supported, understood, and heard
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✔ Making lifelong friendships and connection!

San Diego New Parent Support Group

Words From Others

I had a great time at the parent group. It was totally outside my comfort zone to meet up with people I didn't know at a park, but I am so glad I did! I instantly felt like it was a calm, safe space. I was so happy to discover is was the other ladies' first time attending as well and to hear we were all experiencing similar things which led us to looking into the community. We were able to laugh and cry together right away which was so refreshing.

Thank you for hosting such an amazing group! It was really such a breath of fresh air for me

First Time Mom
Such a vital group for any new mom, truly we need so much more support then I ever realized, even to get out & be with other mothers & babies especially in this Covid era (feels safe as it is outside). J brings many different people to share & talk, but it’s a great place to meet other moms & it’s so rewarding hearing everyone talk about there struggles because you reliaze your not alone, & motherhood can feel very isolating at times & I would think even more right now. Thank you J for your passion & care of us to bring this group to help encourage other mothers!
Caroline A.
First Time Mom
I attended J’s postpartum support group and immediately felt right at home. There’s a vibe of love and acceptance. It feels like you’re just at the park hanging out with your sisters. Not only was it great to find support and feel validated but it was also rewarding to be able to give support to my fellow Mommas. Parenthood is so hard and everyone needs postpartum support so even if you’re sleep deprived, haven’t taken a shower in days, and are still in your PJs, seek out support with J. She will help you flourish through this very important time in your life.
Victoria B.
First Time Mom


You found a part of your parenting village here. I’m so glad you’ve joined us!

See our list of postpartum providers who previously led the group: Here


Jackson Park, La Mesa

5870 Jackson Dr. La Mesa, 91942

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood of La Mesa is Jackson Park. Beautiful overgrown trees lend nicely to great shade that we sit under. We meet here every other week for our New Parent Support Group. This is a peer-led support group.

See why support groups are 1 of the 4 pillars of support during postpartum. Yup, they play that big of a role in the first two years with baby

postpartum support group

Come as you are! Come with the family! It’s a very informal setting; parents change, feed, and soothe baby – it’s all perfect and encouraged!

J Kontos Postpartum Coach

About J Kontos, M.S. Counseling

Hi, I’m J. Postpartum work found me after two very challenging postpartum experiences. I formed this group 18 months into my postpartum period. I was drawn to do this work and bring in my background as a Counselor, my work with postpartum parents since 2019, and my work as a Private Postpartum Coach. I love support groups and I’m honored to bring you this incredible group! Read more about me


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