New Parent Support Group

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I attended J’s postpartum support group and immediately felt right at home. There’s a vibe of love and acceptance. It feels like you’re just at the park hanging out with your sisters. Not only was it great to find support and feel validated but it was also rewarding to be able to give support to my fellow Mommas. Parenthood is so hard and everyone needs postpartum support so even if you’re sleep deprived, haven’t taken a shower in days, and are still in your PJs, seek out support with J. She will help you flourish through this very important time in your life.

Vicky B.

Join other new parents or new parents for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time for this “Pay What You Can” weekly support group. This group was founded by a Postpartum Coach and 4 Birth Workers in San Diego. Most weeks we will have a guest co-leader, a San Diego Birth Worker. This is not a therapy group.

Please bring a blanket and your baby/babies (older siblings welcome) and join us as we talk about different topics that support you through the first two years with baby. We will dedicate most of the time to processing what you’re experiencing and peers will be available to provide support.

On rainy days, sessions will be held online.

COVID Policies: We ask that new parents stay home if you have recently experienced COVID-19 symptoms, have recently been diagnosed with COVID-19, or have recently had contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 case. While we try to create social distancing, small children may come in close contact with you and your baby. Masks are encouraged, but not required for those vaccinated.

Such a vital group for any new mom, truly we need so much more support then I ever realized, even to get out & be with other mothers & babies especially in this Covid era (feels safe as it is outside). J brings many different people to share & talk, but it’s a great place to meet other moms & it’s so rewarding hearing everyone talk about there struggles because you realize your not alone, & motherhood can feel very isolating at times & I would think even more right now. Thank you J for your passion & care of us to bring this group to help encourage other mothers!

Caroline A.