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Postpartum Support Coaching

Such a vital group for any new mom, truly we need so much more support then I ever realized, even to get out & be with other mothers & babies especially in this Covid era (feels safe as it is outside). J brings many different people to share & talk, but it’s a great place to meet other moms & it’s so rewarding hearing everyone talk about there struggles because you relize your not alone, & motherhood can feel very isolating at times & I would think even more right now. Thank you J for your passion & care of us to bring this group to help encourage other mothers!

Caroline A., San Diego, CA


Postpartum Support Coaching

I attended J’s postpartum support group and immediately felt right at home. There’s a vibe of love and acceptance. It feels like you’re just at the park hanging out with your sisters. Not only was it great to find support and feel validated but it was also rewarding to be able to give support to my fellow Mommas. Parenthood is so hard and everyone needs postpartum support so even if you’re sleep deprived, haven’t taken a shower in days, and are still in your PJs, seek out support with J. She will help you flourish through this very important time in your life.

Victoria B., San Diego, CA

Postpartum Support Coaching

J has been wonderful in helping navigate postpartum. From the moment I went to one of the support groups that she led, J followed up in a caring and loving manner to ensure I was okay. Through conversation with her, one is able to find comfort and workable strategies to help with everything that comes with postpartum. I highly recommend J as a postpartum coach! She listens carefully and guides you in the right direction for peace of mind!

Beverly K., San Diego, CA


New parent support group

I loved my emotional code session. She is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what she’s doing

Danielle R., San Diego, CA


Postpartum Support Coaching

J, I can’t thank you enough for the amazing healing work that you do. I’m feeling light energy in my heart chakra, and feeling grounded, less anxious. Your presence is so comforting. Each time I have a session with you I feel it’s easier to let sh** go, not take things so serious, and getting more my joy back. I can step fully into my spiritual goddesshood:) Thank you for you.

Hadassah N., San Diego, CA

Postpartum Support Coaching

I had 2 emotion clearing sessions with J. I started finding acceptance within myself for my emotions, but another experience made the impact more tangible. I had gone to a park and finally felt the joy and child-like happiness I have been always wanting to feel. Like the child in me was free. It was a beautiful place and I felt open to receiving love from those around me. I was no longer thinking of looking after them as much and instead just enjoying the moments in the present. I feel like my clinginess has fallen away. I feel like I am worthy and wanted. My overwhelm came in only with the beauty of nature. I was in awe of the beauty of the place (which I have been to before but never felt so affected). That reminded me that I had asked a therapist a year ago about how to feel genuine joy. And I realised I felt it now. Thank you J for bringing about this beautiful change. Very grateful. Looking forward to the impact of the heart wall clearing sessions.

Gauri T., India

Postpartum Support Coaching

What an incredible experience! We have used J for our whole family now because the results were so amazing. She can literally pin point when you’ve had trauma in your past and can work with you to get rid of it. If I’m having a low week, I call J. I let her know if I’m feeling lost or down and she will do a session. You don’t have to be present but you can be if you want to. The next day, you feel like a whole new person! Positive, happy, relaxed, it’s really wonderful. I can’t recommend her enough. If you’re even thinking about doing an energy session..give it a try. Even the biggest skeptics will see what a difference it makes!

Portia & Montana L., San Diego, CA



Postpartum Support Coaching

Jae has done the emotion code on my son, husband, myself and my two dogs. She’s so kind and cares about people. I also appreciate her follow ups after the sessions. My husband isn’t a big believer in these kinds of things but he does appreciate any help or improvements that may come from it. I’ve seen improvements in my husband and myself and our marriage. I highly recommend her.

Suzie A., San Diego, CA

Postpartum Support Coaching

Jae has done the emotion code on my son, husband, myself and my two dogs. She’s so kind and cares about people. I also appreciate her follow ups after the sessions. My husband isn’t a big believer in these kinds of things but he does appreciate any help or improvements that may come from it. I’ve seen improvements in my husband and myself and our marriage. I highly recommend her.

Kaylie S., San Diego, CA

Postpartum Support Coaching
I feel “lighter” it was a body feeling…and when I try to think about those things that sometimes I have dwelled on it doesn’t seem to stick in my thoughts, almost like it doesn’t matter anymore…                                                                       Melissa T., Chicago, IL
Postpartum Support Coaching
Thank you so much for all of your help earlier this year. I ended up going full time at my second job and it has allotted me the financial freedom to finally start showing my dogs again. And look at this, my little girls first show and she took a group 1st ❤️                                                                                       Alex B., Chicago, IL


Postpartum Support Coaching
Jae is a truly compassionate, gifted healer. She helped me to release a source of depression that for years, had me frozen and unable to progress. I am so grateful to have found her.
Her deep intuition was invaluable in guiding me in the right direction and facilitating the release of the trapped emotions that were holding me back. I am so grateful to have found her.                                                                
Erica J., Oregon

Postpartum Support Coaching
I had an intro session with Jae after a year of postpartum chronic pain in my feet. I was coming to terms with never finding relief. I went to bed in pain, woke up in pain, hobbled to my daughters room in pain.. I went to specialists without any answers and some other alternative options offered minimal, short-term relief. Within 15 minutes of my session with Jae and letting go of these long-term emotions, I was walking without pain and better mobility. A few days later and I’m still pain-free. I am beyond thrilled and grateful for Jae’s work!!
Denyse R., LMFT, San Diego, CA





Postpartum Support Coaching

I had a great time at the parent group. It was totally outside my comfort zone to meet up with people I didn’t know at a park, but I am so glad I did! I instantly felt like it was a calm, safe space. I was so happy to discover is was the other ladies’ first time attending as well and to hear we were all experiencing similar things which led us to looking into the community. We were able to laugh and cry together right away which was so refreshing.

Thank you for hosting such an amazing group! It was really such a breath of fresh air for me

Mallory, San Diego, CA





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