What To Do Before A Session

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J Kontos

Counselor, Intuitive, Medium & Energy Healer


About An Emotion Code Session

If this is your first session and you aren’t familiar with The Emotion Code, I’d encourage you to watch the video I put together about what The Emotion Code is and what a session looks like.



Get Ready to Experience One of the Most Powerful Tools I know that has completely transformed my life!


Get excited, practice gratitude, and come prepared to be introduced to one of the most powerful tools I know and use daily!

Nothing to Lose!

There's nothing to lose, and so much to gain, as one of my clients likes to say about this work (and I agree!).

How You Can Help Transform The World!

Do you know a friend who you see carries a heavy burden from the past, or who is struggling because of events that are occurring in their lives? Support them with their transformation by introducing them to this incredible tool. With that, if they schedule a paid session or package, you'll get a complimentary 30 minute session from me to thank you for allowing me to support them!

8 oz of Water Before Session

Before your session, please drink at least 8 ounces of water to support a strong energetic connection.

See What Others Say:

J, I can’t thank you enough for the amazing healing work that you do. I’m feeling light energy in my heart chakra, and feeling grounded, less anxious. Your presence is so comforting. Each time I have a session with you I feel it’s easier to let sh** go, not take things so serious, and getting more my joy back. I can step fully into my spiritual goddesshood:) Thank you for you.

Emotion Code Session

Hadassah N.

Traditional Naturopath and Counselor
J is a truly compassionate, gifted healer. She helped me to release a source of depression that for years, had me frozen and unable to progress. I am so grateful to have found her.
Her deep intuition was invaluable in guiding me in the right direction and facilitating the release of the trapped emotions that were holding me back. I am so grateful to have found her.            
Emotion Code

Erica J.

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Thank you so much for all of your help earlier this year. I ended up going full time at my second job and it has allotted me the financial freedom to finally start showing my dogs again. And look at this, my little girls first show and she took a group 1st


Alex B.

Chicago, IL.


Energy work completed by Julianne “J” Kontos and Flourishing Through Postpartum is not a substitute for medical care or consultation. It is a supportive and integrative system for the intention of being complementary to treatment by a licensed health care provider. Flourishing Through Postpartum does not diagnose, treat, or cure. Please consult your physician for diagnosis or treatment.